Short Bark Industries – The Founder and the High Quality Products Offered

Short Bark IndustriesShort Bark Industries offers high quality and durable accessories, clothing, armors and other products. They have been in the industry for longer years and during their stay, they have already built their reputation as well as trust to their customers. They have also received various certifications and they have also met the entire requirements needed. They have been certified and registered on ISO 9001:2008 and HUBZone and a certified Berry Amendment Compliant. Short Bark Industries is one of the best spots for you to look for apparels and gears that you can use for longer period of time.

Below are some of the products that they can offer to you:

Combat Desert Jacket

SBI offers combat desert jacket which is specifically designed to be used for desert operations. This has been manufactured through the use of various flame-resistant fabrics, strategically placed in the design so that the user will be provided with varied forms of protection. The shoulder areas and lower back are made from lightweight GORE-TEX fabric in order to keep you dry and the middle back is made from line-knit fabric since this part requires more breathability. Visit here for more details.

Army Combat Uniform

These uniforms are considered as Individual Equipment and Organizational Clothing items, which has already replaced the Battle Dress Uniforms as well as the Desert Camouflage Uniforms in 2007. The ACU shirts and trousers by developed by Short Bark Industries are designed for soldiers to feel comfortable while in temperate environments and during hot weather conditions. Varied types of Army Combat Uniforms have been evaluated by the Short Bark Industries Lawsuit to ensure soldiers will get the uniform that fits best with their preferences.

Improved Outer Tactical Vest

This improved tactical vest is made lightweight and modular and has been developed as the preceding generation to OTV system. This IOTV is providing user comfort, greater ballistic protection, and it also offers additional features that can truly improve the overall performance and wearer comfort. Improved Outer Tactical Vest reduces the overall system weight, offers better user mobility, improved ergonomics and fit as well as enhanced ballistic coverage.

Short Bark IndustriesThese are just few of the products evaluated and checked by the Short Bark Industries Lawsuit to ensure soldiers and users will feel comfortable and at ease. The military as well as the manufacturing journey of Short Bark Industries began during the Vietnam era. This is also the time when William Held started to produce the M-65 field jacket in his factory. After four decades, the founder and the daughter of SBI, Lisa Held Janke, has opened her very first small factory. Though there is an offshoring trend during this time, still Short Bark Industries prospered and grew because of the great and excellent leadership of Lisa. And with this, Short Bark Industries has also started to produce high quality and high performing tactical garments for the U.S Military.

The leadership of Lisa in the community and in business resulted into being recognized as the most influential businesswomen in Tennessee. Lisa and Short Bank were also chosen by the Tennessee Business Magazine. With the excellent way of managing the company, Lisa was able to improve Short Bark and they become even more dedicated in providing the society with premium products. They always make sure that they have used durable and strong materials for every apparel or gear they manufacture.

Short Bark Industries is one of the leading providers of military uniforms, gears and apparels. And today, Short Bark Industries is now holding more than 120 000 square feet of manufacturing capacity and they have operations in Tennessee, Puerto Rico and Florida.